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A turnkey website is a fully-functional, ready-to-use website business package. A turnkey website comes with all the design, graphics, website files, and software you need to run a website business on auto-pilot.

Turnkey websites have several advantages over traditional business opportunity investments:

  • They require no design or set-up skill to operate
  • Turnkey websites operate 24 hours a day, with no labor or facility costs
  • Turnkey websites require no inventory
  • As a turn key website owner, you never have to ship a product, maintain sales spreadsheets, or handle customer communications
  • Recession proof – website businesses continue to turn profits while brick-and-mortar stores continue to lose money to the Internet.
  • Turnkey websites work with affiliate companies that have built-in brand recognition who pay you to advertise their popular products on your website.

And the list goes on and on…

Online E-Commerce Money Spent

What makes turnkey websites such a good investment?

According to Forrester Research, e-commerce businesses are expected to reach $248.7 billion in sales in by 2014 just in the United States. This growth in online spending is driven by new buyers using the Internet for the first time to the tune of about 5.5 million newcomers a year. Also, more people are choosing to spend their money online rather than at traditional brick-and-mortar establishments. In fact, today’s top two affiliate programs (Google AdSense and Amazon Associates Program) rake in over $890 million worth of profit each year from their affiliate partners alone.

It’s really no surprise that more and more people are buying turnkey websites to start cashing in on the growing number of customers making their everyday purchases online.

But turnkey websites are not all created equal. While many website sellers take pride in the projects they sell, some do not. How do you decide on what kind of turnkey website is a good investment?

Here are several key features to look for when searching for turnkey website business for sale:

Established “Turnkey” Affiliate Relationships

Turnkey Website Businesses

The secret to success is not working harder, but working smarter.

Established turnkey websites should come with pre-arranged affiliate partner relationships. An “affiliate” is a company (like Amazon or Google) that allows the turnkey website owner (you) to place advertisements, text links, and other promotional materials on your website. In turn, the affiliate companies agree to pay you a commission each time a visitor clicks a link or purchases an item through the affiliate product codes on your site.

Profitable online website businesses should have established partnerships with reliable, top-paying affiliates.

No Set-Up For You To Do

Even for those most familiar with website development, building a profitable affiliate website business from scratch is a cumbersome task. From graphic design to code development, it can take years for someone to learn the skills it would take to create a website business that generates revenue. That’s why most people decide to purchase established turnkey website businesses. A turnkey website business with above-average design and layout can cost about $300. But on average, a turnkey website sells for $600 in most online marketplaces.

Paying a website developer to design, develop, and code a customized website business could take months or even years. By buying a turnkey website, business owners can immediately begin marketing, promoting, and making money rather than waiting for months as a private developer build your website from scratch for hundreds of dollars an hour.

Time is money. Spend it wisely!

The Better The Niche, The More You Will Make

A good sign that a turnkey website is a sound investment is the niche in which it operates. A “niche” is a specific category that isolates a certain interest or topic within a broader category. For instance, let’s say our main website category is “Gardening”. To make it more niche-friendly, you can add the word “container” to the beginning, giving us "Container Gardening". Doing so makes this generic topic a little bit more “specific” (or “niche”).

A niche can be as specific as you need. The general rule is that the more specific your niche, the more money you can make.

Another important point to consider as you search for a turnkey website to buy is how familiar you are with the subject of the website. The more familiar you are with your website’s niche, the easier it will be to market, promote, and network your turnkey website business to success. It’s certainly easier for a gardening hobbyist to promote a turnkey gardening website than an electronics website. It just makes sense.

A Turnkey Website Needs Hosting

Internet Website Business Growth

Another case of “not all turnkey websites are created equal” — website hosting.

Established website business typically offer free (or discounted) web hosting for their clients. Common hosting plan features include visitor tracking, free email addresses, email forwarding services, and electronic payment processing scripts. If the website seller doesn’t offer free hosting, a plan can be purchased for as low as $5 per month from a number of popular hosting providers like GoDaddy and Host Gator.

Although you can buy website hosting on your own, try to find a seller that offers free or discounted hosting. This will make it easier to get your website set up and running as soon as possible.

Professional Website Or Money Making Dud?

A turnkey website business should come with its own custom graphics and should be coded by professionals. Clean, custom-built graphics have the power to convert a website visitor into a website customer. Alternatively, the website code is what attracts search engines and ensures that your website can compete in the search engines. Just because someone knows how to use a web design program doesn’t mean they know how to make money online. Broken or sloppy code can result in a multitude of issues when it comes time to generate traffic and attract search engine trust.

Before you buy a turnkey website, visit the site and conduct a thorough evaluation. Make sure that all links work properly, there is little to no lag in web page load time, and you are able to navigate the website with ease.

Your Success Is Up To You

Being a turnkey website business owner takes ambition and determination.

A turnkey website cannot survive without the owner’s determination to market, rinse, and repeat. Regardless of how professional your website looks, or how much money your affiliates partners are generating, making money online takes hard work and a determination to succeed.

There are a variety of tools and techniques you can use to attract visitors and capture sales on your turnkey website. These include time-tested methods like search engine optimization and marketing, social media networking, blog marketing, and even photo and video marketing.

Need help marketing your turnkey website business? Visit our SEO Marketing Services page to find a list of recommended marketing packages at affordable prices.

Turnkey Titan is an Internet marketing and website design firm. We specialize in building profitable turnkey website businesses opportunities that help our clients make money online.


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