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Ebook and ebook readers (called “e-readers”) is a $21.5 BILLION dollar market with lots of room to grow. takes perfect aim at this lucrative industry by selling popular ebook titles and e-reader accessories for Amazon’s e-reader Kindle. This website features everything you would want from a Kindle e-reader website with thousands of on-demand Kindle ebooks, Kindle carrying cases, newspapers, magazine subscriptions, and device chargers from Amazon’s popular Kindle catalog.

Website Summary boasts an 8-year-old domain name, packing some serious sales-grabbing punch from the search engines. Everyday hundreds of thousands of Internet users are searching for ebooks, Kindle devices, or accessories for their Kindle e-reader. Be a part of the exciting ebook market by investing in this gorgeous Kindle ebook website business! Plus, Google has already indexed over 35,000 pages, giving you 35,000 opportunities to make money from the booming ebook industry.

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View traffic potential is an automated turnkey website business. This website makes money through a simple business model referred to as “affiliate marketing”.

The products and advertisements you see on are products that are offered through different companies, like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. These companies handle all the orders placed through your website business. Because all transactions are handled by other companies, the new owner of this website will not have to manage inventory, ship products, hire employees, or provide customer service. With our turnkey website businesses, you can own your own Internet business without the hassle that comes with traditional, offline business models.

The most important way to make this website business a success is for the new owner to drive traffic to the website, because the more sales you make, the higher commissions you will earn! If you are new to affiliate marketing and how to bring traffic to a website, no problem! The new owner of this website will receive a free SEO marketing guide, outlining today’s latest techniques for generating traffic and capturing sales.

With year-to-year Internet spending increasing, by buying this turnkey website business you are investing in a low-cost, easy-to-run business opportunity that has help millions of people make money online by working from home.

Affiliate Partners is high paying brand-name book retailers including Amazon, Adsense,, DecalGirl, and Kobo. Book categories are powered by Amazon’s extensive book collection with over 30 popular book categories.

The new owner of this website will receive partnerships with each of these top-line affiliates and will enjoy selling some of the best titles available for purchase online.

What You’re Getting In This Sale

Free Website Domain Name

Free Website Domain Name

Your website domain name is pre-paid with up to one year FREE domain name service! This domain has been hand-picked for its memorability and direct relation to its niche market. A good domain is hard to come by, which is why we take great care in selecting a profit-ready domain name for each of our turnkey websites for sale.

Free Business Email Addresses

Free Business Email Addresses

Forget using free email accounts at Hotmail or Yahoo, because your website comes with free email addresses for you and your business! Send the right message (and help spread the word about your new business) with your own business address like

Unique Logo & Graphic Design ($295 Value!)

Unique Logo & Graphic Design

Your new website comes with professionally crafted graphics and your very own custom business logo. Our design team prides itself on producing high-quality work that will attract and keep visitors on your webstore, which means more sales and bigger paychecks for you.

Free Hosting

Free Hosting

You will receive one free year of free website hosting with the purchase of this turnkey website! Our reliable web hosting boasts 99.9% service uptime and is packed with amazing features like a custom administration panel, website visitor tracking tools, and personal email account access!

Fully-Stocked eCommerce Webstore

Fully-Stocked eCommerce Webstore

Your website comes pre-loaded with thousands of items from our trusted affiliate partners. There is no drop-shipping or physical inventory to track, which means you’ll have more time to generate traffic, capture sales, and earn money!

Built-In SEO Web Marketing

Built-In SEO Web Marketing

Our SEO team has built each page of your website business with highly targeted keywords and powerful on-page search engine optimization tags. With no “hidden fees” or “preliminary marketing setup charges” you can enjoy an ecommerce business set-up that is profit-ready and well-positioned to outrank your competition from day one.

Free Technical Support For Life*

Free Technical Support For Life

Many of our clients are new to making money with turnkey ecommerce websites. That’s why we’re here to help you along the way with top-tier technical support whenever you need it.

Free Marketing Training Guide

Free Web Marketing Guide

You will receive a complimentary marketing guide complete with how-to guides, step-by-step instructions about to use the latest web marketing techniques, and expert tips on squeezing the most out of your new affiliate website business.


    Website statistics

  • Earning Potential

    Earnings potential based on the following: 11066 visits per day, 40% bounce rate, $0.30 EPC. More information.

    $24,350 / year
  • $1249.00 USD

  • Website Features

    • Free Domain Name
    • Free Email Addresses
    • Professional Design
    • Free Web Hosting
    • Fully-Stocked Webstore
    • Built-In Web Marketing
    • Tech Support For Life*
    • Free Marketing Guide

    Website White Paper

  • Affiliate Partners

    • DecalGirl
    • Kobo Ebooks
    • Google Adsense
  • Testimonials

    “Turnkey Titan did an excellent job building a website that is niche, profitable, and super simple to use. I received exceptional service and honest advice on how to go about making money with my new website.”
    – Susan O’Malley, Current Client


    This Webstore Live

    $1249.00 USD

  • Earning Potential

    Earnings potential based on the following: 11066 visits per day, 40% bounce rate, $0.30 EPC. More information.

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