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How long does it take to setup my website?

After your website payment has been received, you will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to go about signing up for your affiliate partners. Once we receive your affiliate information, website setup generally takes 24 to 48 hours.

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Do you perform marketing for my website?

Each client will receive a custom website marketing guide. The marketing guide will outline easy-to-follow directions about how to drive traffic to your website by using proven Internet marketing methods. We also offer comprehensive marketing services if you’d rather we do the work for you.

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What does my free hosting include?

Each web hosting account comes with a Linux cPanel “control panel”. The cPanel interface is easy to use for web notices and those who have never owned a website business before. Your control panel will give you access to your email accounts, website visitor tracking information, and file editing software.

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What kind of technical support do you offer?

Our technical support includes hosting troubleshooting, email configuration assistance, domain and email forwarding, website analytic interpretation, and easy remote assistance for any technical support relating to your website or your website control panel.

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I want free tech support for life. What is a “qualifying client“?

It’s easy! After your free year of hosting, you can retain your qualified client status by renewing your hosting plan at $4.95 per month (billed as a yearly payment of $59.40).

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How do I sign up with my affiliate partners?

Please check your email inbox for our welcome email with the subject line: “Your Website Set-Up Instructions”. The welcome email will contain detailed instructions on how to sign up for your affiliate partners. If you need assistance during the sign-up process, please contact us here.

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How do I contact you if I need help?

Current clients may contact us at our Client Support page. Client requests are handled with the utmost urgency and promptness.

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Can I move my website to another hosting provider?

Of course! You are free to keep your website hosted with us or move to another hosting provider at any time. In the event that you choose to move your website to a different provider, a $25 migration fee will be applied so that we can compress and send you your website files. You will enjoy 12 free months of our premium hosting service, so we encourage clients to take advantage of our no-cost service for the first year.

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How do I login to my website control panel?

You can access your website control panel by using the following link: Simply replace yourwebsite with your domain name and be sure NOT to include WWW. Please check the email you received when you first purchased your website for your login information. If you need your information reset, please contact us.

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Will you customize my website?

Of course! Our website customization services including logo re-design, graphic design, newsletter integration, social account integration, business card design, and a variety of other website design services. Please contact us for a web design quote for your website today!

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What is hosting?

Web hosting is where you place your web pages so that they show up on the Internet. Without a web hosting provider, your site would not be available to view on the World Wide Web.

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How does the website transfer work?

After purchasing your new website business, you will receive a welcome email with your website control panel login and detailed instructions on how to sign up for your affiliate partners.

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I’ve never owned a website before. How can you help me?

You’re in good company! Like you, many of our clients have never owned an ecommerce website business. You will receive a free marketing guide that outlines what needs to be done to operate and market your new website business. As our client, you will also receive free technical support and ongoing marketing assistance.

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How do I make money with an affiliate website?

“Affiliate websites” earn their money by making money for other companies. It’s a rather straight-forward concept.

Instead of having to pay employees, order and ship inventory, and provide customer service, an affiliate website owner simply sells products and offers that are fulfilled by other companies. is an excellent example of an affiliate website. The products and advertisements you see on this website are products and services offered through different companies. These companies handle the orders placed through the affiliate website: inventory, stocking, shipping and fulfillment, and customer inquiries.

The affiliate website owner’s ONLY job is to promote their website by using our free Internet marketing guide that comes with the purchase of one of our turnkey website businesses.

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How much your websites currently earn?

Each website we sell is a brand new start-up business opportunity. Earnings for each website are based on the market in which it operates, average EPC of its affiliate partners, and projected website traffic. In most cases we are not able to provide specific earning details. The special valuation formula we use is designed to accurately represent the yearly revenue potential for each website we sell and provides a clear indicator as to the earning power of your website business.

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Do I own the website after I buy it?

Yes! You own the website and will be registered in the national domain name registration database (available at as the official website owner. You are free to move your website or sell your website to a third party.

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Where can I operate an affiliate website?

Our affiliate websites can be operated anywhere in the world. Due to local tax laws, we are not able to serve residents of Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, North Carolina, Rhode Island, or Connecticut.

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Do I need a business license to operate an affiliate website?

No licence is required to operate any of our turnkey affiliate websites. However, the laws in your region or territory may require additional licensing. Please consult with a small business association center for more information on how the law works for you.

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When do I get my first check?

Each affiliate partner has a different payment calendar, but payouts usually arrive after a certain threshold is met (anywhere from $25 USD to $100 USD). Once you have registered with the affiliate partners, you will be able to select your individual payment method.

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Can I buy more than one website business?

Of course! In fact, owning up to four turnkey websites in different categories is recommended to get the most out your website business investment strategy.

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How much time does it take to run one of your websites?

We recommend spending at least 1 to 2 hours hour per week-day promoting your website. After following our instructions and you become more familiar with the requirements of promotion and marketing, you may find that you will need to spend less time performing daily marketing tasks.

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Do you have any “hidden fees” or “ongoing fees”?

Absolutely not! New clients receive free hosting for one full year, after which ongoing hosting service is $4.95 per month (billed at a $59 yearly fee). In addition to hosting, domain registrars charge anywhere from $8 USD to $15 USD per year for domain name registration. This cost is beyond our control and will be managed by the domain registration company included in our welcome instructions.

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