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How to Use Articles as a Means of Affiliate Internet Marketing

Step #1. Write an article that is related to your website

Choose topics that you think will grab readers’ attention. Instead of writing an article about camping chairs, how about writing an an article that reviews several popular styles of camping chairs with cup holders? Articles that review products and give “how to” recommendations generally perform the best.

If you own a gardening turn key website, how to control summer garden pests is a better choice for a subject than “how to plant a garden.” The more specific, the better. Plus, your article should contain unique content that adds value and is relevant to its subject.

Article Biography Backlink

Step #2. Write an interesting author bio (or “About the Author”) segment

Most article directories allow you to include a two or three sentence summary of who you are and what you do. Use this as a chance to highlight your authority or interest in your article’s subject matter. Also remember to include a link back to your website.

Step #3. Include your website link in the article body

You can choose one or two relevant keywords from your article to use as “anchor text” for a backlink. Website article directories usually allow one or two anchor text links within the body of your article. Use this chance as an opportunity to insert your website backlinks so readers can find your website easily.

“Anchor text” refers to the text that is the “click-able” part of a hyperlink. The more backlinks you have with your keyword as "anchor text", the higher ranking your website will achieve for that keyword on search engine result pages. For example, if you have a lot of backlinks with the anchor text as “Camping Shoes”, then the higher your website will rank when people type the keyword “camping shoes” into searches engines like Google, Yahoo!, or Bing. This helps your website attract visitors and convert sales. Visitors who arrive at your website through a keyword search for “camping shoes” are more likely to buy from you than if they came to your site through a less-relevant keyword search. Again, the more specific, the better.

You can use the following HTML code example to create anchor text backlinks in the body and author bio of your article submissions.

<a href=”http://yourwebsitelink.com”>Camping</a>

How this anchor text backlink will appear in your article:

North American Camping & Wilderness Survival
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